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St Joseph's Primary School Meigh

Digital Schools Award

3rd May 2024

We are absolutely delighted to be awarded Digital Schools status.  Digital Schools Awards is a national awards scheme to promote, recognise and encourage a whole school approach to the use of digital technology in schools.  Following a rigorous internal self-evaluation process measured against set criteria lasting over an eighteen month period, Mr Shields submitted a detailed portfolio of evidence for scrutiny.  An external validator reviewed this documentation and then followed up with a meeting to discuss and ask a series of questions to teachers, pupils and senior leadership.  We had to wait a few more weeks for official confirmation but it was jubilation all around on receiving the welcome news. 

Needless to say, this is testament to all the hard work, commitment and dedication of all our school staff over many years to continually develop and evolve digital teaching and learning opportunities for all our pupils so that they may acquire the necessary skills and building blocks to live and succeed in these fast paced and ever changing technological age.

Below is a summary from the full report which can be viewed on the school website. 

The evidence from the validation discussion confirms that St Joseph's Primary School have created an engaging and highly effective digital technology deployment into their school's Teaching and Learning delivery across the breadth of their curriculum. They have ensured that their provision is well resourced, targeted to specific needs and that their staff are competent in order to maximise the benefit they can secure for their pupils from using digital technology. Therefore, I am pleased to recommend them for a Digital Schools Award.”